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Intelligent mobile video environment -Toolkit

The INMOVE Toolkit consists of The Toolkit Framework and mobile / video / audio software modules or simply tools.

The INMOVE Toolkit Framework consists of the following major components:
- A web-based Toolkit User Interface (UI), which forms the main portal to the toolkit. It can be used to browse, and modify information about the tools in the toolkit from an arbitrary computer, using an Internet browser. It allows further the downloading of the selected tools, and facilitates communication between the tools providers and users (bug reporting), as well as among the users (discussion forum).

- A collection of utility tools - the so-called INMOVE Software Development Kit (SDK), facilitating inter-operability among the INMOVE tools. The SDK provides basic interfacing primitives, based on the specifications by INMOVE, intended to orchestrate and accelerate the combination of the current and future tools into valid INMOVE applications.

- A number of toolkit demonstration applications, at least one for each normal / utility (SDK) tool.

- The Toolkit Wizard is a graphical web interface that may be used for building own tool combinations using few simple steps. After downloading the desired tools, you may use the web service for creating any tool combination/configuration by editing visual graph representation of the setup. The final setup may be tried out by simply downloading (and executing) the created configuration and batch files from the service.

The Tools:
- A collection of mobile / audio / video tools (from each involved partner), which comply to the most requirements specified in the project (we call them also INMOVE compliant), among others with respect to interfacing, documentation and demonstration. Most of these tools internally use the INMOVE SDK.

The list of the tools per end of August:
- AttachMetadata;
- Camera Calibration;
- Capture;
- Create;
- Display;
- GE_Difference;
- GE_Tracker;
- ImageMagick;
- JMF;
- MediaConverter;
- MobileAnimation;
- Nokia Multimedia Converter;
- OpenCV;
- Pipe;
- SendMMS;
- Sports Content Generating.

The details of the tools can be found at the INMOVE Toolkit web-site:

More information on the INMOVE project can be found at:

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