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Home monitoring

TNO has developed a surveillance system using INMOVE video/MMS tools, which keeps an eye on, for example, elderly residents in their own house, using intelligent sensors (a.o. cameras). The system collects the information from various sensors, analyses it and autonomously draws conclusions, which may result in triggering actions of emergency services. The system enables elderly to live longer in their own house. Field trials of this so-called Unattended Autonomous Surveillance (UAS) system have recently been successfully completed.

The idea of the UAS system is that the technology keeps an eye on the residents in their own house. When a worrisome change in the state of the house or the resident occurs, the system first makes contact with the resident(s) and subsequently with the emergency services, when necessary. In such case, the contacted service has very detailed information about the occurring alarming situation at its disposal. The information can be reached through Internet of mobile phone (using e-mail, SMS, streaming video or Multimedia Messaging System MMS for still images from the house). This dramatically improves the situation awareness of the emergency personnel, which results in more efficient handling of alarms.

The demonstration system has been mainly developed as part of the Unattended Autonomous Surveillance (UAS) project of TNO, started in January 2001. Most of the development work has been performed outside the INMOVE project. The implementation of the demonstration system, and specifically its video/MMS subsystems as well as the trial of the demonstrator (evaluation) were performed within the INMOVE project.

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