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Use of meat juice to assess porcine APP

Meat juice is increasingly used for pork quality assessments in surveillance and control programs. Hereby the determination of pathogen-specific antibodies, in particular for salmonella (Quirke et al., 2001; Alban et al., 2002) but also for other pathogens (Kapel et al., 1998; Mortensen et al., 2001) currently accounts for the major task.

The aim of this study was to evaluate if the serum concentration of haptoglobin respectively pigMap is correlated to the concentration of these APPs (acute phase proteins) in meat juice which is routinely collected at slaughterhouse for salmonella testing. Slaughter blood and muscle samples for extraction of meat juices from 299 slaughter pigs were collected. For haptoglobin, it turned out that a significant correlation of 0.7 between slaughter blood and meat juice of the pars costalis diaphragmatis existed respectively 0.6 for pigMap.

The relation of Hp and pigMap concentrations in meat juice with those in blood serum established in our study suggests that meat juice may also be applied for general assessments of animal health and welfare.

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