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APP in rearing period

The aim of the present work was to examine the influence of different rearing systems on the practicality of including acute phase proteins (APP) as screening. Five variants of customer-supplier contacts were tested consisting 20 piglet rearing farms involving the collection of about 1100 blood samples. In addition, seven piglet breeding farms and one fattener farm were available. Out of these farms five piglet breeding farms, 12 piglet rearing farms and one fattener farm were selected with a total of 680 blood samples. The selection was based on the amount of serum we got from the farmers vets respectively.

A significant influence of the origin could be observed for Haptoglobin (Hp), Pig Major Protein (pigMap), C - reactive protein (CRP) and Alpha Lipoprotein (ApoA1). There was a strong significant relationship between the hygiene statuses of the breeding farm and the four acute phase proteins. Furthermore, pigs causing cost of medical treatment above 1,15 Euros in the rearing period had significant higher Hp, pigMap and CRP serum concentration respectively lower ApoA1 concentrations.

Concerning the daily weight gain lower haptoglobin and pigMap serum concentration at final inspection in the rearing phase could be observed in the group with the higher daily weight gain. Nevertheless, the correlation was not significant. In contrast to these results we have to see the results for CRP and ApoA1. These two parameters behaved vice versa.

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