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Pig APP after stress induced by changeable pattern of food administration

Stress represents the reaction of the body to stimuli that disturb its normal physiological equilibrium. As a consequence of these alterations to the homeostasis, a set of physiological changes that are part of the complex innate defence mechanism known as acute phase response are induced. In the productive systems, animals are exposed to multiple stressors that can affect their normal behaviour and growth, leading to production losses.

In this trial the effect of a changeable pattern of food administration in the growth performance and APP (acute phase proteins) levels of growing pigs was evaluated. 240 pigs (LW x LR), of 74 days of life, from the same origin, with and initial weight of 26.3 + 0.39Kg, half entire males and half females, were used in the study. The experimental treatments consisted of pigs fed ad libitum (AL) or disorderly (DIS). Disorderly feeding consisted in an administration of food in a disorderly pattern, alternating in a day periods of ad libitum administration with periods of no feeding.

The alteration in the feed pattern resulted in a lost of weight gain in males, whereas the growth of females was not significantly different between treatments. The behaviour of the APP was in good agreement with the growth performance parameters determined. Elevated levels of the positive APP Pig-MAP, Haptoglobin, SAA and CRP, and decreases in the concentration of the negative APP ApoAI, were observed in DIS males when compared with controls (AL), whereas females showed similar concentration in both treatments.

The results of this trial confirms a good correlation between elevated APP levels and decreased performance, as well as the potential of this markers in the detection of situations causing stress for the animal.

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