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Planet aims to exploit the INKASS system through two service offerings that have been piloted during the duration of the project:
- “Problem diagnosing”, which aims to cost-efficiently help companies identify and formulate the problem they are facing and;

- “Option planning”, which aims to offer to companies the possibility to purchase the specific consulting products they need, instead of purchasing a complete and more expensive consulting engagement.

The target audience for Planet’s marketplace is:
- SMEs that cannot afford traditional consulting services
The main service area targeting SMEs is Human Resource Management services. Such services are currently attracting attention by SMEs in view of increased unemployment and workforce mobility Services such as “head-hunting” or training are often outsourced to SMEs, driving a boom in the sector as more SMEs see an opportunity to enter this market. However, because such HRM services firms are more often opportunistic- based and do not necessarily have a well-rounded HRM know-how nor a long experience in the field, we estimate that they could take advantage of the HR knowledge assets offered on the INKASS marketplace. This material can be also useful to SMEs, which do not have a dedicated HR department but would like to receive some feedback on how to leverage their human resource.

- Large client organisations in an ongoing consulting relationship with PLEY
These large accounts will benefit from an on-line access to existing content in various fields already available from Planet’s internal knowledge management infrastructure. Further, we expect large clients to find value in “smart products” - which are essentially customised content - as a more cost- and time-effective alternative to regular consulting projects. Feedback already gathered during trials is very positive, nevertheless further market validation is required to verify the viability of this service.

More information on the INKASS -project can be found at:

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