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Knowledge marketplace software platform and method

According to IDC report “Worldwide Knowledge Management Software 2004-2008 Forecast: Access is the Key to Growth”, the Knowledge Management (KM) market is bearing offerings with new functionalities at a rapid rate. Specifically, the report notes: “emerging markets that demand further attention include knowledge exchange software that creates a means for corporations to offer knowledge as a product to internal and external customers. Such platforms can be used to enhance B2B sites, to enhance new B2C sites, or to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge within a corporation”.

The INKASS solution belongs to the category of knowledge exchange software and it specifically targets B2B knowledge exchange marketplaces. INKASS supports both private (one-to-many models that reflect a company developing its own e-marketplace to support its own customers) and public (many-to-many models, typically hosted by a neutral intermediary) marketplaces. Moreover, a key competitive advantage of the INKASS solution is that it supports collaboration among participating parties in a marketplace.

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