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Semantic web and Remindin' peer selection

In peer-to-peer networks, finding the appropriate answer for an information request, such as the answer to a query for RDF(S) data, depends on selecting the right peer in the network. We have investigated how social metaphors can be exploited effectively and efficiently to solve this task.

To this end, we have defined a method for query routing, REMINDIN’, that lets:
- Peers observe which queries are successfully answered by other peers,

- Memorizes this observation, and,

- Subsequently uses this information in order to select peers to forward requests to.

REMINDIN’ has been implemented for the SWAP peer-to-peer platform as well as for a simulation environment.

More information on the SWAP -project can be found at:

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University of Karlsruhe
Institute AIFB
76128 Karlsruhe
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