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Integrated software platform for semantic P2P

Integrated platform is a software framework which enables development of various solutions which facilitate exchange of semantically reach data between loosely connected bodies in a Peer-to-Peer fashion.

The modular architecture allows easy deployment of new applications build on top of the platform. The software provided manages peer-to-peer communication and exchange of messages. The messages received from the network and generated from the user interface are routed in the form of RDF triples through a set of processing modules. Integrated platform provides simple implementations for all of those, but new modules can easily be built and integrated into the framework.

The platform is written in Java language. Peer-to-peer network layer is built on top of Sun’s JXTA technology.

The platform is used as a foundation for two applications built for SWAP case studies: Xarop and Bibster.

SWAP integrated application platform has become Open-Source software and is available for further extensions to interested parties.

More information on the SWAP -project can be found at:

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