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Bibster prototype

The Bibster system is an instance of the SWAP platform and shows the scalability of knowledge sharing by semantic web and peer-to-peer technology. The system is aimed at researchers that share bibliographic metadata.

Bibster builds on the fact that many researchers in computer science keep lists of bibliography data that they must laboriously maintain manually, for which they do not have an easy overview and that has greatly varying data quality. At the same time many researchers are very willing to share these resources if they do not have to invest work in doing so.

On the one hand Bibster provides a scalability case study for the SWAP platform and gives valuable insights into issues such as technological stability and scalability and, in particular, into research questions. On the other hand Bibster is a powerful tool for the research community and enables them managing and handling their bibliographic metadata effectively.

The application has reached an executable status and has become Open-Source software.

More information on the SWAP -project can be found at:

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