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The Qedo runtime

The open source project Qedo provides a platform implementation of the CORBA Component Model that serves as the runtime for components written in C++. The Qedo runtime currently supports extended components of category service and session and integrates new features and extensions like data stream communication and an enhanced deployment infrastructure.

Since component based development in general and in particular CCM is still subject for ongoing research, the intention is to use Qedo by arbitrary partners for projects in this area. Because of its licence of LGPL it can be used without restrictions. The intention is to enhance CCM and promote and facilitate its application in real software development. As a long term goal, this technology shall be established as an advanced technology for software development leading to efficient and fast development cycles.

The Qedo runtime is tightly coupled with the Qedo tool chain required for the development of components. It is used for the deployment of applications and by the component implementations at runtime. Currently only component implementations developed with the Qedo tool chain can be used. Every such implementation has to be packaged according to CCM. Afterwards they can be used for the deployment of component based applications. The Qedo runtime will run on multiple platforms, currently this is Windows and Linux.

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