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The Qedo tool chain

For our Open Source implementation of the CCM (Qedo) we have provided a complete MOF and MDA based development tool chain. This tool chain allows the specification of graphical models of the application components with UML and facilitates automatic generation of implementation code. Furthermore, necessary additional artifacts like deployment descriptors, security properties etc. are also automatically generated out of the CCM models.

The heart of this tool chain is a model repository generated automatically out of the CCM MOF-metamodel. The models can be specified with the UML profile for CCM or using the textual CIDL language and stored in the repositories. On the other side, several back-ends are available which connect to the repository and transform the contained models to obtain all necessary artifacts (code, descriptors, properties etc.).

The realization of the CCM-development tool chain with the CCM repository as the central component allows establishing a real MDA development chain with another platform independent abstraction layer before the CCM. This abstraction layer can be a domain specific modelling language, which is independent of CORBA or CCM. Models of this language can then be transformed to CCM-models and or CCM-backends can be used to generate all CCM-specific artifacts.

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