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The project COACH was very active to contribute to standards, mainly within the OMG. Contributions have been made to the following activities:
- UML Profile for CCM - Status: Draft Adopted specification, FTF running
The standard contains a graphical notation for the CCM concepts in form of a UML 1.x profile based on the CCM metamodel.

- QoS for CCM - Status: revised submission available
The standard will contain a platform specific QoS model for the CCM including a negotiation mechanism

- Deployment and Configuration of Distributed Applications - Status: FTF running, preliminary report available.

- MOF2IDL mapping - Status: Adoption vote passed, FTF will be chartered in April 2004.

The standard contains the first MOF 2.0 technology mapping to CORBA IDL.

Although this has not been in the primary focus of COACH, this standard is important to provide an open CCM development tool chain.

More information on the COACH -project can be found at:

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