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Extensible container model

The Extensible Container Model (ECM) is a specification and a reference implementation (RI), which aims at enhancing the OMG's CORBA Component Model specification to provide a systematic and automated process for the definition of domain specific container models and the generation of the corresponding container runtimes.

With the ECM, application architects may define their specific container models by simply assembling a set of packaged services. It is intended that such services are highly reusable software components, potentially bought from third-party vendors and certainly exploited in many products. It is noteworthy that the ECM is (like CORBA) language and platform independent. Therefore, a service package contains implementations for many languages (C++, Java, etc.) and many platforms (Linux, Windows, etc.). The generated container runtime can then be adapted to the constraints of the target platform.

The ECM is a free and open source project licensed under GNU LGPL and hosted by the ObjectWeb Consortium. The latest release of the specification is 1.0, the latest release of the RI is 0.2.0.

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