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The component based secure parlay platform

The Parlay Platform is a so called service platform, offering functionality for managing services, service providers, retailers, and customers. It also offers an API for service integration, where 3rd party service providers register their services with the framework. These services finally become available to the user. Any kind of administration and security features will be handled by the platform, allowing the service implement or to focus on the application logic of the service.

The CORBA Component Model offers many features useful for the development of large applications. Building a system of components requires a clear separation of functionality throughout the system. Since the components can be built independently from each other, the replacement of components of the system is possible without recompiling the entire system.

The CCM platform offers many services useful for the Parlay platform, eg. security services, and deployment functionality. The deployment functionality of the CCM is the best way for installing the client components for the services, thus ensuring that the latest versions are used. The component structure of the platform allowed a clear separation of functionalities, leading to a less complex implementation. It is expected that this clear assignment of functions will simplify the security architecture of the platform.

Parlay offers a layered session concept. During the initial session, the user is authenticated and opens the access session. The access session is used for service retrieval, subscription, and finally opening the service session. The user remains authenticated as long as he does not leave the access session. This single sign-on capability facilitates the usage of services by the customer.

In the task producing this result we showed that the Parlay platform was in fact relatively easy to implement based on components, although the component structure compromised the compatibility with the parlay standard. However, aside from the security implementation, the component based parlay platform can be made standard compliant with minor effort.

The second goal was to show that new services can be easily implemented and used using component inheritance.

The parlay implementation will be available on:, where you will also find the security implementation.

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