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Business integration of semantic web technologies and XML

This part of the project aimed to show how Semantic web technologies and XML could be used within and between different parts of business enterprises.

Many organisations struggle to capture many forms of information such that is suitable for re-use and can be used in the automation of business processes. Software developments were undertaken to illustrate how information may be captured and used to address these needs.

A browser-based forms interface was built to allow users with no knowledge of RDF and XML to enter data and create granular, tightly linked data sets including mathematical formula and store it in an RDF repository. As organisations strive for Enterprise Information Integration (EII), information exchange becomes more complex.

A prototype was constructed to illustrate how elements of XML Schema may be mapped to an ontology, to link data instances in a document to their definition, thus aiding developers and applications to process that data more accurately, through the understanding of what the data represents.

The browser interface work is already being integrated into a commercial product produced by Stilo and its development continues. The ontology to schema linking may lead the way to accurate, automatic transformation of message-based data between XML-based web service interfaces. It is intended that the partners involved in its development continue this work.

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