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ISMA enabled MPEG4 A/V player

The implemented MPEG-4 audio / video player is the result of long lasting contributions to the MPEG community.

The player offers high quality audio based on MPEG-4 advanced audio coding (AAC).

The player offers high quality video with 500 x 288 pixels and 25 frames per second with bitrates between 500 and 800 kbps but also down to 128 kbps (176 x 144 pixels, 12 fps).

The player is based on software running on a high end PC.

Currently demo versions of the player can be downloaded from:

The player was adapted to ISMA conform streaming and encryption recently.

The player will be ported to ARM-based handheld devices soon.

The player will be exploited for multi media delivery on IP and other channels.

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