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Business model analysis report

The main part of this report presents an overview to the creativity industry, media distribution chain and production issues. It also reviews the DRM industry, security and trusted system technologies as well as aspects of agent-based solutions. Review features of media object search, identification and use. Review and discuss the relationship between DRM, digital asset management (DAM) and digital policy management (DPM) as well as trends in digital media industry. Discuss issues on media creation and acquisition, super-distribution and collecting societies.

The appendices sections of this report address amongst others legal and regulatory issues. Typology of current media objects. Drivers and needs for DRM enablers. Give a broader account of business model disruption in relation to proliferation of platforms, consumer-producer roles, productions and reproduction of digital items, technical legacy, music subscription services and super-distribution technologies and DRM technologies. Give further insight into collective societies and collective management rights issues. And review some known P2P file sharing on-line services.

Reported by

Imperial College London
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
SW7 2BT London
United Kingdom
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