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Community building and standardization

This area of the SWAD-Europe project encompasses several different strands, and includes
- Ten developer workshops held by the project;
- Online presence and scheduled IRC discussions;
- T-shirt and postcard distribution.

The work has been focussed around the Semantic Web Interest Group at W3C, which is chaired by Dan Brickley, who is also the Director of SWAD-Europe.

One lesson from the project is that it is both important and rewarding to provide an environment where members of the larger community that surrounds W3C can interact and collaboratively explore the practical issues around Web technology.

The formal work of the W3C is based on small, highly focussed Working Groups where individuals commit a lot of time to creating new Web standards. SWAD-Europe's primary contribution was to help create a supportive background environment for such work, by allowing a much larger number of geographically-dispersed individuals to participate (through email, IRC, workshops and the Web) in the Semantic Web initiative.

The project was, in the Semantic Web scene, unique in its emphasis of the practical and Web aspects of "Semantic Web" for a Web developer audience. The support that SWAD-Europe provided to the RDF and Semantic Web Interest Group was an important exploratory step towards a model for wider participation in Web standardisation work, showing that W3C's successful Working Group-led approach can be complimented by a broader participation model which allows individual researchers and implementors to make real contributions to the deployment of existing standards and to the creation of new ones.

The challenge for the future is to work towards a Web in which all European research efforts contribute to the communities, which underpin the evolution of Web standards.

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