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Information integration demonstrators

The result provides working demonstrations and open source software for the publication, aggregation and browsing of information items expressed in RDF (Resource Description Framework).

The publication demonstrator (semantic blogging) permits information items expressed in RDF to be embedded within web-log or ¿blog¿ entries to support richer navigation and query.

The aggregation and browsing demonstrator (semantic portals) permits information published in RDF to be collected from multiple sources, cached in a web portal and browsed using a faceted-browse interface.

The two components can be used together to provide a flexible information publication and viewing infrastructure.

The demonstrators are being taken forward by a number of groups:
- For semantic blogging, a number of related projects are known to be underway and one SME is planning a product release in this area and has contacted us concerning licensing terms for the demonstrator software.

- The semantic portals demonstrator and related applications are likely to be pursed by consortia led by the UK Environment Council and by the Natural History Museum.

- HP is planning internal pilot applications of the technology to knowledge management and has already won one external contract on the basis of this demonstrator and associated tools.

More information on the SWAD-Europe project can be found at:

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