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Multilayered digital rights management system

This technology is developed by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) as a DRM tool for future digital content types that are object-based. Although initially not developed under MUFFINS, this MDRM technology can be incorporated into MUFFINS framework as a useful extension. This MDRM technology provides a framework to manage the digital rights of individual objects contained in a digital item.

This allows complex IP applications, such as e-commerce and e-learning, to adapt to different types of users. Users can selective the types of digital objects that fit their particular needs. With the trend of using MPEG-4 in various new commercial applications, this technology will found its usefulness in digital multimedia broadcasting and packaged media.

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Industrial Technology Research Institute
V000, B-11, 195 Sec 4 Chung-Hsing Rd
310 Chutung
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