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Local inspection client/terminal software

The local inspection client is a standalone application running on the user’s terminal. According to the Muffins architecture all licenses to content for a user are stored on the user terminal. The same is true for the digital items for content the user has previously accessed and/or has a license for.

The local inspection client has three main functions in the Muffins system:
- It monitors the availability of licenses to content on the user terminal and periodically notifies the muffins online store central server of license availability for the user.

- It tracks the available digital items and associated resources available on the terminal and periodically notifies the muffins online store.

- It monitors the user terminal capabilities and notifies the muffins online store

The MOS uses the information received from the local inspection client to adapt its user interface to the actual users context, e.g. only displays content the user can consume on its terminal, shows icons about license availability etc.

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