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An MPEG-4/21 player for protected content

The Optibase player is a fully MPEG-4 compliant player, based on the MPEG-4 Systems Reference Software. It is a 2D player, i.e. can compose and render most of the 2D BIFS nodes, as well as audio and video.

For video, MPEG4@ SP or MPEG4@ ASP profiles are supported. For audio, mono, stereo, and linear AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) streams are supported.

The player has a DMIF plug-in that can handle input from local files, and streamed over the network using the RTP protocol as define by ISMA. In addition, the player incorporates an IPMP (Intellectual Property Management and Protection) plug-in that communicates with a license management client and handle content decryption.

The player has an open architecture that enables the integration of tools from different vendors. Optibase has integrated into the player its own IPMP module to handle streams encrypted according to the ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance) speculations. The specifications mandate the use of the AES-Counter Mode encryption algorithm. Optibase has also integrated a client-side license management module that is capable of interacting with Philips license management system.

We also further developed this software player to comply with the MPEG-21 standard. By doing so, the player can be initiated by providing it a DID - a descriptor that describes an MPEG-21 digital item. The player then extracts the resource locator and determines accordingly the location of the streams to play. Additionally, the player extracts from the DID the licensing information - encoded using the MPEG-21 RDD/REL standard - and conveys that information to the license management system.

All these features together form up an innovative platform for playing multimedia content – the first one of its kind that exercises the use of the MPEG-21 standard in a fully functional media player.

Optibase does not plan to exploit this player as a stand-alone product, as no business model is foreseen for out-of-context software media players. However, Optibase will continue to use and further develop the player as a testing platform in current and future development. The player also provides the client platform communicating with server-side products developed and marketed by Optibase.

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