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Biomedical wearable devices

Inside the HEARTS framework, biometric signals such as continuous ECG are gathered by means of wearable sensors. It has to be highlighted that developed technology can potentially be applied to a wide range of health related data. The developed wearable sensors features ECG monitoring through the use of up to 9 analog inputs per ECG in two modules, respiratory monitoring (respiratory waistband), auxiliary monitoring (body temperature or a second respiratory waistband), various analog and serial digital inputs for extern instrumentation. Other integrated sensors are the accelerometer ones, for environmental temperature and air pollution level measurement.

ECG monitoring:
- 1- 9 analog inputs per ECG (1-12 lead) in 2 modules (3 + 6 channels);
- Signal -50 to 50 mV AC with -1V to 1V offset;
- Impedance > 10 Mohm;
- Analog Filter BP 0,1- 100Hz (30dB) and digital notch filter 50/60Hz (up to 100dB);
- Digital configurable post-acquisition filter for de-noising and/or BandPass;
- Acquisition 22bits 600Hz max;
- Post digital processing data 12bit real - 500Hz (typical).

Respiratory monitoring:
- 1 analog input for waistband respiratory activity measurement (piezoelectric);
- Resistive sensor input: with a current generator up to 200uA;
- Voltage input piezoelectric sensor: maximum voltage 1,2Volt;
- Acquisition up to 24 bit with programmable frequency (200Hz typical);
- Digital notch filter (programmable) (typical 50Hz);

Auxiliary monitoring (body temperature or second respiratory waistband)
- 1 analog input for measurement (body temperature or second respiratory waistband);
- Voltage input 1,2V max;
- 24bits /200Hz max;
- Digital notch filter (programmable).

Optional input
- 1 analog optional input, shared with internal measurement;
- Voltage input 3V max;
- 24 bit 200Hz;
- 30Kohm input impedance (typical);
- 3 serial digital inputs for extern independent instrumentation (Oximetry, AP, etc.);
- up to 64Kbit/s Full Duplex (isolated 5 Volt).

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