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eHealth remote monitoring framework

The HEARTS (Health Early Alarm Recognition and Telemonitoring System).

Research, the current project and other future actions, wants to create a new Family of Tele-Health Systems being:
- Non-invasive: information will be acquired through “wearable” sensors.

- Dynamic: the systems will be able to continuously monitor information and about the health status and relate it to the specific context in which the person is acting (activity, environmental conditions, history), individually adapting its behaviour.

- Intelligent: capable to offer dynamic intelligent alert functions directly to the citizen.

- With advanced and adaptive decision support capability: integrating classical analysis techniques with new techniques and approaches, such as Neural Network Analysis and Non-Linear Analysis to reflect the specific health behaviour of each person.

- Interoperable: services must be available for people moving in a trans-national context.

- Based on an open architecture: to be enhanced or expanded with the simple addition or replacement of existing components with the new ones available in the market.

- Focused on disease prediction rather that diagnosis: offering classical and innovative services not only to ill and high-risk people, but also healthy ones making for instance highly stressing jobs.

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