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Interactive museum exhibit

The Indoor Augmented Reality (AR) scenario aims to give an insight to arts and culture managers and executives about how existing ICT solutions can be used advantageously for attractive and novel applications, which can help to increase the attractiveness of museums and art galleries as the main source of access to arts and culture.

This Indoor AR scenario is an application scenario of AR technology to the cultural domain. The scenario description presents the concept of a virtual art exhibition in a real museum or art gallery environment. Gallery or museum visitors will be able to enter a number of virtual art exhibitions, which consist of digitised art works and paintings that complement the real exhibitions.

The visitor uses a mobile AR-system and special AR-glasses, which allow him or her to access the digitised art works or paintings and contextual information in a unique way. By looking at the empty picture frames in an exhibition room through the AR-glasses the digitised art works or paintings become visible.

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