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cDNA libraries from Glomus intraradices enriched for genes regulated by heavy metals, by phosphate or by nitrate/ammonium

Three cDNA libraries with each more than 300 clones have been established from extraradical hyphae of the arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungus Glomus intraradices. These hyphae were obtained from an experimental system, where hairy root cultures of Daucus carota have been inoculated with the AM fungus and transferred onto an agar plate with two compartments.

These libraries are enriched for genes regulated by:
- Heavy metals,
- Phosphate, or
- Nitrate/ammonium using the subtractive suppressive hybridisation method as a strategy.

The inserts from clones of the libraries were amplified, analysed by gel electrophoresis and transferred onto nylon membranes. Hybridisation of these membranes with complex cDNA probes identified numerous genes with differential expression patterns. In parallel, clones were sequenced and sequences were annotated.

Although several AM fungal genes have previously been isolated and characterised which are regulated by phosphate, nitrate or by heavy metals, this is the first time that a non-targeted approach has been used to identify genes from these microorganisms which could be involved in central aspects of this symbiosis. This is on the one hand the supply of the plant with nutrients under conditions of low soil fertility, on the other hand the support of plant growth on heavy metal-contaminated soils. These libraries represent therefore a useful source for genes which might play a role in AM functioning. This is not only important for scientific purposes, but can be also used in research concerning the application of AM fungi.

In addition, the cDNA libraries will contribute to the world wide EST collection from Glomus intraradices, which has to be built up on the background of the announced genomic sequencing of this organism.

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