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Service and resource management architecture

The Service and Resource Management (SRM) Software is at the centre of the TORRENT project. It is novel in that it integrates the residential services including telephony, radio, television, Internet access and the monitoring of residential systems such as central heating. The SRM software achieves this by using novel agent technology to facilitate scalability, flexibility and a potentially vast range of customer-provider negotiation scenarios.

The SRM system is being designed to meet user requirements such as availability, ease of use, flexible pricing structures, and security, ease of installation and “easy-to-use” fault diagnosis and management. It also meets the user’s expectations for the full range of telecommunications services, be they traditional or yet to come on to the market.

The architecture of the SRM software emphasises accounting in conjunction with session and call management. The SRM system uses databases that contain customer profiles, preferences and service level agreements (SLAs). Further databases hold accounting (call and session) records for use by the accounts and billing manager.

Modules supporting virtual files in the Linux filesytem are used to provide effective communication paths between the agent-system and both the kernel and Netfilter. This solves potential problems with (e.g.) concurrency, locking and latency.

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