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Fine-grained policy-based routing

The fine grained policy based routing on a per-user and per-flow basis being part of the TORRENT approach is itself a unique functionality, which, as far as the project is aware, is not offered anywhere else.

The realization of this functionality has introduced a number of issues, which were not originally foreseen. Examples are: necessary enhancements to the Linux kernel (Linux being the basis for Torrent equipment), the necessity to use proxies and to also extend them, and, as a matter of principle, the different time scales on which certain parts of the Torrent system have to operate (e.g. agent platform vs. packet handling).

Queues are used on a per-service and a per-user basis, which results, overall, in a large number of queues, devices the queues are associated with in the system, and an increased processing load, all of which potentially may prove to become limiting factors in the future.

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