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Telenor field trial

Telenor has carried out the field trial in the “House of the Future” lab/demo environment. The focus was on qualitative user-related tests considering ease of install/use/maintain, reliability and new service provisioning. Personnel not having in depth technical knowledge, simulating an ordinary user carried out several of the tests.

If TORRENT RG is to be offered in a home market, a user-friendlier interface must be provided. The RG uses the Webmin tool for configuration, that has nice graphics and is capable of performing all the configurations needed, but the tool is too complex for ordinary users in a mass market.

The existing physical box is also too big, thus it should be migrated to a more pleasant format before market deployment. Also, documentation that can be understood by customers has to be provided, regarding mainly the RG management system.

Firewall functionality was available, but by default set to “allow all traffic”. A lot of configuration possibilities were available, but complex to set. Basic pre-configurations should be enabled by default. Security matter being of extreme importance should be kept simple in order to allow common users to administrate the basic firewall features.

The RG system ran 14 days without any problems, and recovered from a power failure, proving its reliability.

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