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Security issues in FIPA agents

FIPA is one of the main standards available within the software agent domain today. FIPA agents, which are part of the software agent domain are based on the concept of the distributed intelligent agent domain and requires secure and fair negotiation between agents.

The TORRENT QoS negotiation agent system is based on the concepts of FIPA and requires secure and fair negotiation between agents. In order to achieve this, we need to, for example, ensure the availability of agent system services for authorized users and avoid the insertion of malevolent agent into the system. However, the main focus within the FIPA domain has not been on security issues but on development and testing.

Since FIPA agents operate in an open environment they are vulnerable to security attacks and one should consider security issues, such as the problem of authentication of agents, securing communication, and preventing unauthorised activity from hackers or malevolent agents.

This work focus on security issues in FIPA agent systems by giving overviews of software agent technologies and IT security before discussing and highlighting security issues in FIPA agent systems in general and the TORRENT agent system in particular.

A threat analysis including an assessment of these threats was carried out as part of the TORRENT project. In this paper we present a subset of the results from this analysis and a security framework that meets some of these security challenges.

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