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Prototype of the DSLAM on the Flextel platform playing the LAP role

The prototype has been realized on the Flextel platform integrating a DSLAM CO Fujitsu Central office card. This Card is a development toolkit sold with hardware schemas allowing designing and producing a proprietary DSLAM hardware using Fujitsu chip.

The activity included the following tasks:
- To acquire knowledge on DSLAM and Fujitsu DSLAM CO card;

- To develop new protocol over the internal Flextel High speed bus (IPB) to allow a high performance CLIP frame pass through;

- To develop a new driver to allow the AAL5 frame management on the Flextel Processor Modules;

- To experience a new access connectivity in the Flextel platform.

This activity allows to test and verify the Flextel platform playing a new role as gateway between Access and Core Networks. As result Flextel produced a prototype that should became a product (Flextel DSLAM blade) in a time windows estimated in 8mm.

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