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API to manage the LAP system via an agent application

APi software was developed to enable the agents to perform the TORRENT functionality, that is, to handle connections and to manage the Flextel platforms.

Flextel provided the API for the LAP management (LAMA). It required the development of a library and of some demons running on the Processors in the Flextel Platform.

This API software has the following functionalities:
- LAP hardware management (Alarm Handling, Configuration, Hot Plug/Unplug);

- Network connection statistic and alarm counters handling;

- General purpose primitives to support specific agent needs.

The primitives allow the Flextel platform to improve its management and configuration capability as:
- Reliability;

- Ease of installation;

- Emergency recovery when power fails;

- Diagnosis.

This library and the related demons have been commercialised in the release 6.0 of the Flextel.

More information on the Torrent project can be found at:

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