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Development of RG and its integration in TORRENT trial

In TORRENT, Intracom has developed a residential gateway (RG) that comprises HW and SW modules, with target to provide connectivity and advanced applications support for a magnitude of terminals and devices. Intracom considers the RG being a system where by interchanging plug & play interfaces, the services provided by the gateway itself can still be on and transparent to the user.

The RG has extended processing capabilities focused on the SW part of it. In some way, it resembles a general-purpose computer, while being also a portable and popular SW platform. Such one had been a Java one, which enables the “write once, execute everywhere” concept. Intracom co-operates to other vendors so that, existing devices (e.g. PC, STB) upgraded with modules similar to TORRENT, finally lead to the RG concept.

There had been 4 RG prototypes available for testing and demonstration during all TORRENT trials, with multiple interfaces for the in-home networks; ISDN and ADSL connections to the access network.

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