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Site for systems trials between Basel and UST

In the Phase II system trials, the LAPs were based in Stuttgart (IND) and Basel (MCLab). Dedicated accesses to different types of networks were provided by tesion, enabling the LAP to select and access the most suitable network depending on the requested QoS. Since tesion is a full-service provider, there was a choice between voice (switch), data and Internet services. LAP features and interconnectivity were tested with the use of the MPLS and SDH core networks.

The following interconnections were realised:
- IP over MPLS;
- IP tunnelled or via VPN;
- SDH.

The Phase II system trials included:
- Ease of use/control/maintenance;
- Reliability;
- Ease of installation;
- Acceptable service selection time;
- Emergency access to basic service if power fails;
- Fast & easy provision of new service to customers;
- Diagnosis;
- Support of different user profiles.

System orientated tests will include:
- Negotiation speed;
- Appropriate communication between RG & LAP;
- Throughput;
- Transfer delay, delay variation;
- Necessary intelligent functions in RG;
- Necessary intelligent functions in LAP;
- Application response times;
- Suitable management platform specifications.

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