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A test-bed site for systems trials between UST and Basel

In the Phase II trials, the Torrent equipment was based in Stuttgart (UST/IKR) and Basel (MCLab). Both test-beds were interconnected via Tesions backbone networks based on IPv6 over SDH, over MPLS, and over tunnelled MPLS. This offered three quasi-independent different networks to the Torrent system in order to show the policy routing of mircoflows according to user preferences. The connection of the trial sites to the Tesions backbone networks was realised over leased lines offering E1 connectivity to the LAP. The LAP itself hosted E1 cards.

Setting up the trial site included basic setup and the configuration of the system, installation and testing of software (on UST as well as MCLab premises), and the support of partners for conducting test. In this process the establishment of connectivity over the E1 lines was not straightforward and required debugging.

The Phase II system trials then were conducted as predefined. These included a number of higher layer tests as opposed to the Phase I test, mainly concentrating on lower layers.

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