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IPv6 infrastructure deployment in Waterford institute of technology

In the Phase II system trials, the LAPs were based in Stuttgart (IND) and Basel (MCLab). Dedicated accesses to different types of networks were provided by tesion, enabling the LAP to select and access the most suitable network depending on the requested QoS. Since tesion is a full-service provider, there was a choice between voice (switch), data and Internet services. LAP features and interconnectivity were tested with the use of the MPLS and SDH core networks. In order to support the trials WIT-TSSG had deployed IPv6 internally for testing purposes.

WIT-TSSG also established an IPv6 tunnel to HEAnet in order to act as a configurable ‘Internet site’ for tests as well as hosting the source code repository for the project. WIT-TSSG now uses the services developed on the TORRENT project as part of the core infrastructure, and the entire facility is used as a testbed.

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