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Chemical resistance, innocuousness and formability of modified surfaces

Transfer tests performed by UGINE&ALZ show that the Silica and Excalibur coatings release little Si in soda. As for Ni-P-PTFE coating, it releases Ni in acetic acid, it is almost completely dissolved in nitric acid and it also releases Ni in the dairy products, which can cause dermatitis to those people ingesting such products. This Ni release of Ni-P-PTFE coating in dairy products has been checked several times, which means during INRA (V2 and Clip 6 scales) and DANONE fouling / cleaning tests. The Ni-free hydrophobic coating made by UGINE&ALZ has a different behaviour. There is no release in the dairy product; little release in soda only occurs.

Formability tests have also been implemented by UGINE&ALZ. Ni-P-PTFE, Xylan and the Ni-free hydrophobic coating present many cracks after such a test. Yet, no removal of such coatings due to the deformation seems to occur, which means that the adherence between the substrate and the coatings is rather good.

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