Servizio Comunitario di Informazione in materia di Ricerca e Sviluppo - CORDIS

Institutional capacity building and promoting sustainability in construction sector to supportthe overall sustainable industrial development in Estonia

As a result of the project activities following results were achieved:

The Baltic 21 Institute for Sustainable Industry strengthened in Estonia as well as internationally (through created network of research centres and industrial companies), for:
- National core network of research centres formed in co-operation between IVL and Estonian partners. The network involves Centre of Ecological Environmental Technologies, Estonian Agricultural University and Tartu University Institute of

- Strengthened capacity of research institutes and capacity of industry (till now mainly construction industry) in applying the received knowledge to their production systems and processes to provide competitive products with high quality, environmental
performance and resource efficiency.

As a result of the project, the involved research institutes (3 research centres) have more comprehensive and high-quality knowledge on green building materials and ecological building solutions.

LCA seminar was held in Tartu, Estonia, for presenting the project, introducing the topic of green building and materials to potential users and for creating contacts with a wider range of companies. The project supported environmental development in the BSR through initiating elaboration of technical specifications for green building materials and solutions, disseminating the possibilities of green construction and transfer of knowledge within the BSR.

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