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Latvian network and expertise strengthened

Local and international network of experts in the environmental and energy technologies is created.

The network organised training activities, workshop and conferences on permanent basis.

The awareness of activities of Baltic 21 Institute is growing. Baltic 21 Institute gained reputation between academic and business community working in the field of environmental protection, energy saving, sustainable development. Increasing interest from the side of municipalities and governmental institutions took place during last year.

The LTP acts as professional intermediate for the local players and other networks co-ordinated by member of Baltic 21 Institute in Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, and Poland. Projects were generated and project generation is become as substantial part of network activities.

Projects involve not only members of the network, but also universities, municipality and state organisations. Technology transfer activities from researcher of Riga Technical University and other institution are supported from LTP by publishing technology offers, co-operation with Innovation Relay Centres network. Also co-operation within Regional Innovation Strategy and Regional Innovation Action Plan is in progress. Latvia Technology Park involved in important support action and initiatives.

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