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Building of Polish network dedicated to increasing of eco-efficiency in industry

The Polish industry is dedicated to implement of National Environmental Policy for period 2004-2010. The main strategic goals of this policy is to lower pressure on environment resulting from the industrial activities, associated namely with usage of energy and non-renewable resources such as water and other natural resources.

Dedicated to eco-efficiency of industry network might be one of the tools to achieve the goals of National Environmental Policy. The Baltic 21 Institute for Sustainable Industry is to be recognised as one of effective mechanism for dissemination of knowledge and know-how on instruments, which might assist directly industry to achieve eco-efficiency.

To disseminate knowledge on eco-efficiency among Polish Industry as well as in other countries of the region, The Baltic 21 organised two Forums dedicated to this issues, first has been held in 2003 in Katowice and second in the year 2004 in Stockholm. A number of Polish R&D entities and representatives of Polish industry have been informed on these events and significant numbers of representatives of those entities participated directly in workshops organised within the frameworks of these Forums.

On the base of these events, using capabilities of The Baltic 21 Institute for Sustainable Industry an informal network of Polish Industry dedicated to eco-efficiency, which is planned to convert into state supported official network for supporting Polish industry in implementation of eco-efficiency.

Timetable of the use and dissemination activities within the next 3 years after:

Development of basic Information materials on eco-efficiency to industry:
- Elaboration of the concept of basic information materials promoting eco-efficiency in Polish industry.

Evaluation of base line of eco-efficiency of main branches of Polish Industry:
- Elaboration of selected indicators for main branches of Polish Industry.

Establishment of formal network for eco-efficiency for Polish Industry:
- Building of formal structure for eco-efficiency of Polish Industry supported by ministry of economy and Ministry of Environment within a framework of state programme.

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