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Integrated scientific-technological institute - fuels - safety - environment (ZINT -Zintegrowany Instytut Technologiczny Paliwo Bezpieczenstwo Srodowisko)

The strategic goal of the Integrated Institute is to develop the works leading to competitiveness of the economy based on knowledge and entrepreneurship. It is also the way to raise the competitiveness of the scientific units, which are essentially linked among each other. By creating common research areas and strong links with industrial enterprises the institutes that signed the agreement want to ensure themselves the chance to develop and participate in the international programmes of the European Union.

The following entities are forming ZINT:
- Central Mining Institute GIG, (Katowice);
- Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal, ICHPW (Zabrze);
- Surface Mining Institute Poltegor, (Wroclaw);
- Research and Development Centre for Electrical Engineering and Automation in Mining EMAG (Katowice);
- Mining Mechanisation Centre KOMAG (Gliwice);
- Institute of Ecology for Industrial Areas, IETU (Katowice).

The work of ZINT is planned by the Working Groups created by the Council of Directors. The Central Mining Institute is the Coordinator of the Integrated Institute and its representative.

The Integrated Institute is dedicated to initiate common multi-topic works, which will raise the innovativeness of Polish economy. Such scientific network will ensure much wider, diverse and complex market offer and will improve scientific, technical and market competitiveness.

The beneficiaries of the agreement suppose that creating of the cooperation links of the new type and strong connections with industry is the chance not only for the scientific units, but also for industry, especially small and medium enterprises which function on still more and more difficult and competitive market.

Timetable of the use and dissemination activities within the next 3 years after the end of the project:

Strengthening institutional capacity:
- Building up of organisational capacity of ZINT including common information system, web site, public

Networking activities:
- Maintaining network activities, identification of R&D needs of local industry an on national scale for increasing of competitiveness of industry. Dissemination of information on R&D capability of ZINT and network members.

Development joint R&D project ideas responding local needs:
- Creation of proposals responding to regional need as well as European R&D calls using network.

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Glowny Instytut Gornictwa – GIG (Central Mining Institute)
Plac Gwarków 1
40-166 Katowice
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