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A sputtering technique for coatings on SX/DS super alloy materials

The Materials Science Institute RWTH Aachen investigated a number of different approaches to the central aim of this project - i.e. how to repair crack damage to SX and/or DS materials in gas turbine engine components. The development of a new low Boron braze was one of the main results of this research.

Another interesting result was the development of a vapour phase technique (a "Sputtering Technique") for depositing thick coatings onto Single Crystal and DS substrates. This technique uses CMSX4 targets as source material to deposit onto CMSX4 substrate. (and for DSR 142, mutatis mutandis). Deposition rates of 30-35 microns/hour were obtained, and coating thickness up to 150 microns are possible.

These coatings have exactly the same chemical composition as the substrate material.

They are homogenous, amorphous (or perhaps nano-crystalline) and have excellent adhesion. The results of preliminary thermal cycling and scratch testing are excellent.

This sputtering technique is not suitable for crack repair. But is has the potential to be further developed into a "build up repair technology" for turbine blades and vanes that have lost some of their original dimensions in service or through coating stripping processes.

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