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PSCD - Opportunity recognition

PSCD - Opportunity recognition: Strategic support package to offer development results in terms of strategic and innovation options to decide upon and go for.

The main objective of the PPS OR method was to provide a checklist of activities and a certain order of doing things to help to find innovative product-service solutions. It should be highlighted that the methodology provides with concrete steps and suggestions of actions to detect an opportunity and to define the product-service solution concept. The methodology does not focus on creating the processes to manage, however, it should be considered as the process itself. The objective of the methodology is to come to a product-service solution concept. Its development and implementation would be subject of the PSCD implementation methodology explained in D5.3. Basically, OR methodology can be considered as a PPS ideas generation methodology. However, considering that innovation is not a subject of mathematics, one should not expect that the process does guarantee that great innovations are always found.

The method contains two main parts:
- Part: The Mind-Setting paragraph explains a certain way of thinking and other conditions needed to set the scene for the workflow and the process of defining opportunities. In order to be able to go through the process a different way of thinking is required, enabling to look at things differently.

- Part: The Methodology and Process paragraphs explain the steps proposed to go through the process of opportunity detection. The steps are providing a path to organise the thinking process to get to innovative insights for product-service solutions.

Both parts of the method are related and acting in parallel. The mind setting form the basis and has to be active on the background throughout all the steps of the workflow. One could see the mind settings as learning a language and reading that is needed to read the map and ask when you are on the road.

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