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A series of reference materials for the calibration of the system

The result of this project is comprised of:

Three types of reference materials for the calibration of the three sensors developed during the project:
- Sensor type 1 for the polyol or A component;

- Sensor type 1 for the isocyanate or B component;

- Sensor type 2 for the monitoring of the reaction of both components A and B inside the mould.

Calibration is necessary in order to assure the correct functioning of sensors and therefore, to know the reliability of the measurements taken during the polyurethane (PU) manufacturing process.

Reference materials for every sensor must fulfil the following characteristics:
- To have dielectric behaviour which is stable through time;

- To have dielectric behaviour that covers the whole measurement range;

- To be easily storable and manipulated in order that this calibration can be easily carried out in the factories.

Chemical nature of reference materials is to be determined, although they may possibly be polymers. Calibration procedure for the three sensors (methodology, recommended periodicity...).

The final users of the reference materials will be manufacturers of PU systems (components A and B) and manufacturers of PU soles. Especially all those manufacturers who have sensors type 1 and 2 for the in situ monitoring of the manufacturing process.

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Instituto Español del Calzado y Conexas
Poligono Industrial Campo Alto s/n
03600 Elda
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