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“Intelligent moulds” with sensor type-2 incorporated

In the production of polyurethane soles, it is very important to maintain the polyurethane physical and chemical properties constant in order to avoid possible problems of hydrolysis affecting the sole quality. For this it is important to control both raw materials and polymerisation process inside the mould. One of the results of this project is the development of intelligent moulds for the monitoring and control of the polymerisation process inside the mould.

The moulds will be fitted with MW-sensors type 2 for the dynamic monitoring of the dielectric changes of the mixture inside the mould during the polymerisation reaction. This way it is possible to monitor the crosslinking degree of the mixture through the relationship between dielectric and physical-chemical properties of the components.

The monitoring of the polymerisation process inside the mould will lead to a better knowledge of the optimal process conditions, thus reducing the number of hydrolysis problems of the soles, the wastes, and improving the quality of the polyurethane soles.

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