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Web-Portal and database-structure organized along the two methodological frameworks

A database was organized along the three methodological frameworks. This database constitutes the structure to organise (exemplary and case based) knowledge concerning:
- Process descriptions for each of the frameworks (as described in ProSecCo Method);

- Specific tasks needed to perform the processes;

- Knowledge required, competences applied in specific product-service system innovation projects types;

- Supporting Tools and methods for the tasks in the processes;

- Illustrative case materials and examples for the processes.

Furthermore, the software should provide the user with:
- Document management and reporting integrated and providing a day-to-day view of the current state of progress;

- Chance to personalise the processes as far as possible (adapt from modules) for a particular case using the database content and a diagnose module;

- Access to data to all team members to be able to share the data.

ProSecCo Soft provides a flexible database structure that allows storing, searching and providing easy access to knowledge related to the ProSecCoDiagnose supporting the assessment process, the two methodological frameworks of ProSecCoMethods, the tools and specific methods of ProSecCoKIT.

The software at the same time allows the creation and guidance by means of a workflow of processes to guide the users through the different processes prescribed by the methodological frameworks.

The software consists of a basic layer of the flexible knowledge database where all knowledge is stored and can be stored during the execution of projects with the software. On top of this layer interface software as Front-End provides a user-friendly interface to access the database. This interface consists of the different steps prescribed by the two methodological frameworks, and furthermore will consist of the different way to access to the ProSecCo services as further explained in the exploitation strategy section. The software is therefore related to the ProSecCo Network platform too.

The software is based on an ASP strategy, this means that the software will be maintained and updated by the ProSecCo NewCo that will exploit the project results (see further in the exploitation strategy section). This enables an easy access to the software and will not require any installation at the side of the user. The only requirement is a (fast) access to internet. The software could be considered as an intranet that can be personalized according to the requirements of the company, user and the processes that would be applied.

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