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PSCD - Industrial case studies

“Industrial Case Study” is all specific documentation related to an actual Product Service Co-Design-related project of an individual industrial company. Due to its depth it may contain commercially sensitive data, is hence to consider confidential by default.

As evidence from practice a first market analysis has been done on the demand side starting with the analysis of some companies of the three thematic clusters in order to understand what it means product and service for them. The analysis was conducted on large companies and SMEs in order to compare different approaches to PSS. Cases were collected both from literature and from real world through interviews.

Main result is that while large companies are already aware and have a formalized process for PSCD, SMEs are starting to get conscious of the relevance of the PSCD topics and in some cases they already do it implicitly. They feel the need to formalize the process of product and service integration since a large number of actors should be involved and need to be networked. To do this they need support from consultants and experts.

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