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PSCD process implementation

PSCD Process Implementation: Establishing an innovation process within a company, allowing an integrated, simultaneous and convergent innovation of physical products, software, services and the other existing processes within the company.

In front of a more and more hard competition, any attempt to strengthen the company performances has to begin with the product-service solution, combination of physical products, software and services, offered on the market. A cost reduction and a production efficiency improvement have no value if the Product Service System (PSS) does not satisfy the customers expectations, is not available when they want it and is not reliable. So, it becomes essential to improve all the aspects of the PSS, from its definition to its market removal.

PSCD Innovation Process can be defined as an approach allowing an integrated, simultaneous and convergent innovation of physical products, software, services and the processes of the company such as marketing, research, development, production and other associated processes. Its finality is to allow the different actors in the innovation process to take into account from its origin, and in a convergent way, all the phases of the life cycle of a new PSS from the idea till its market removal and this by integrating problems connected to the requirements of the different process and system protagonists.

The increase of the PSS and market complexity has for consequence to grow the teams' size of the innovation process protagonists, the plurality of sights on the system to be designed and its market. It results from this an increase of the multiplicity of the systematic problems to be solved.

Our PSCD approach fixes criteria to appreciate, project after project, if the performances of the innovation activity are improved or not. It allows also tracing back the failure symptoms of an innovation project to its causes. Here we already can enumerate certain number of important marks. First of all it is advisable to take into account certain essential guiding principles as for strategic decisions as for operational. These principles, such as to integrate, to capitalize and to cooperate, as well concern the organization of the innovation process as its support tools.

For an effective application of a PSCD organization in the company it is also useful to consider the following success factors:
- A vision of the company organization oriented on processes and projects;

- A PSS innovation strategy defined, understood and shared;

- A management which gets involved and which makes good decisions at the right time;

- A favourable environment for the cooperation and the working forces synergy;

- A focalisation on people and competences.

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