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Two type-1Mw-sensor systems for the measurement of changes in the condition of raw materials

The result is comprised of:
Two microwave sensor systems for the non-invasive measurement of changes in the condition of raw compound materials used in the polyurethane (PU) manufacturing process.

- Sensor type 1 for the polyol or A component,

- Sensor type 1 for the isocyanate or B component,

During the polyurethane (PU) manufacturing process, it is quite common the alteration of the raw materials (A and B components) respect to their initial state which yields to modifications of the final PU mixture quality. These modifications cause a great amount of waste of this material between the manufacturers of PU systems.

This result defines two microwave structures that in direct contact with the two raw materials (A and B components) respectively, provide a different electrical response in function of the degree of alteration of each component. Depending of the sign of these electrical response, it is also possible to identify the main cause of the alteration which gives additionally information about the nature of the source of contamination.

- Potential users of this result:
The final users of the microwave sensors will be manufacturers of PU systems (components A and B) and manufacturers of PU soles, for the in situ monitoring of the manufacturing process. Other type of sectors benefited of the development of microwave sensors will be the company that manufacture equipment for the PU industry, which may add this technology to their products.

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